Saturday, June 11, 2011

Custom privacy usage on Facebook

From my early post, “How to create list in facebook”, let’s now make use of that list and see what we can do with it.

Let’s say, I just want to ask my colleagues where should we go this Friday? (excluding the boss!!)

To do this, write your status update as if you normally do (this applies to status, photos, links and video updates as well.)

Click lock icon to left of "Share" button and select “Customize”


Then a "Custom Privacy" box pops up, under the ‘Make this visible to’ part, select “Specific People..” , here you can enter either an individual friend or a list. A suggestion of your friend or list will come up as you type.

Also in this same box, you can also ‘hide this from’. So if your boss was a member in the list earlier, you can add his name here so he doesn’t see this post.

Finally, you might not want to do this every time, select “Make this my default setting” at the very bottom.


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