Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to create list in Facebook

Someone ask me earlier today how  to create a friend’s list in facebook. Here’s what you’ve got to do to create one.

Case study: Let’s say I have want to create a list of friends that works at my company. So I might want to share thoughts or gossip about the new trainee. First I’ll have to create a friend list:

·         Open your Account drop-down and click “Edit Friends”


·         Click the “+Create a List” button  


·         "Create New List" box pops up


·         In the box, "Enter a Name" for the friend list you're creating e.g. Finance in the same box, type your friends name in  "Start Typing a Name". As you type, FB suggests people you might be thinking to add from your list of friends. Click on one of the suggestions and that person's name will be highlighted blue, with a check mark. Also you can add by clicking on their pictures below.

·         When your happy, click on the "create list" button. The created list should appear on the left hand side menu.


·         FB allows you to rename the list, add more friends to the list, and delete the list. These functions are shown on the list page shown below.


Tomorrow I’ll show you how to keep friends on a friend list from seeing something you post, hence hiding the wall post.

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