Thursday, June 2, 2011

TrueNetTalk is a failure.

Today , I was surfing around for a local VOIP service offering local calls in Thailand. I came across TrueNetTalk and found that their rates are reasonably good for making local calls e.g. 0.16 Baht for land line (from the 300Mins for 50 Baht promotion package). For new subscribers, they offered a try free for 30 minutes to USA, Japan, Singapore, China, Macau, UK, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia and South Korea to try out the service as well. The service is operated under TRUE Corporation, Thailand’s leading provider of integrated communications solutions and one of the nation’s strongest brands.

Seems like a good deal, so I started filling the online application form, downloaded the software and installed it. Shortly after hitting the submit button, my username and password arrives in my mailbox. I entered them onto the so called “mobile-front-end” of the program. Then I start calling the following numbers to test out the TrueNetTalk application.



My house

No signal

My friend’s house

No signal

My mobile

No signal

True’s hotline e.g 029008000

No signal

calling toll-free "hotline" numbers e.g. 027777777

No signal

I was a bit disappointed as there seems to be no signal. Maybe because it was just installed and required a reboot? So I rebooted my PC and redialed, still the same. Even if someone claims that “hey, you haven’t refill the account”, I would simply reply, “well, it says try free for 30 minutes right? Also there’s a “hotline” number that you can call for free as well, so it can’t be possible that they all aren’t working just because I didn’t refill right?”.

So for a conclusion, it seems the service doesn’t appear to be in service or working. I strong don’t recommend this software to anyone who is looking for VOIP services in Thailand. More than happy to hear any feedback from successful users of TrueNetTalk.


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